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3 Reasons Why Most Bowling Centers Need Help Right Now!

  • Casual bowling is at an all time LOW. This is very scary for the future of the sport and the competition in the entertainment industry is growing fast. Bowling Industry Magazine (Oct Issue) says "Revive to Survive, GO Mobile". They're right!
  • The current strategies most bowling centers are using to get new customers in the door and get current customers to come back more often, have been dead for 10 years+. 
  • Many bowling centers are one competitor away in their market from going extinct. It doesn't have to be this way!
Rethink Bowling Solutions
"Rethink Bowling is a Mobile Technologies firm with an emphasis on the membership mindset. We combine powerful technologies with proven strategy and help you apply it in a practical way to drive experiences, fun, winning, value, and customer engagement in the Bowling & FEC Industries!"
5 Ways To Boost Revenue NOW!

  • Offer Membership: Costco, Amazon Prime and many of the world's best entertainment companies claim record profits every year and that Membership is the main reason they are who they are. This can be You Too!
  • Implement Mobile Tech: Offering membership and driving registration and engagement through a mobile app makes building a database the right way, very easy. We'll show you how to drive revenue while your sleeping. Literally! 
  • Engage Customers: Once we help you convert hundreds of "fee for service" customers into monthly paying Members, we'll show you how to engage them and turn them into raving fans who come in 4x to 10x more than they do now. 
  • Gamify Everything: Did you know that video game industry, fantasy football and many others have turned into multi Billion DOLLAR "movements". The secret is understanding today's customer and the customer of the future and applying concepts that gets them addicted to winning, fun and friendly competition!
  • Pre Sell Everything- One of the best loyalty strategies in the world is exchanging real money for "virtual currency". When you can get people to "exchange real money for chips", their spending goes up 250%! Just ask Vegas how it's working for them and we'll help you tap into those secrets too!
"We're making hundreds of thousands of  additional revenue since implementing the membership concept, rewards and pre-paid strategies we learned from Brian and the Rethink Bowling Team."

Bill Wammus, Owner- Al-Mar Lanes in Bowling Green Ohio

World Class Mobile Solutions
"The system, strategy and technology that Rethink Bowling brings to the table for the bowling industry are cutting edge and I believe will impact the sport tremendously! "

Bo Goergen, Proprietor - Owner of Northern Lanes and Executive Director of Bowling Centers Association of Michigan.

" Rethink Bowling helped us setup a membership and we had 150 join the center in the first 30 days. The best part was we didn't have to fill out any forms or bother our staff with clunky point of sale processing etc. This is so easy to implement and we're just scratching the surface of possibilities."

Brian Bannash, Proprietor - Owner of Nautical Lanes in Michigan. 

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